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This and That: how gallerydbs & woman/ O work:

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

We at gallerydbs, and woman/ O think galleries are becoming physical dinosaurs in the art world. Many artists have little time to sell or network their work-because painting and drawing is a singular and focused discipline. We are not in NYC in the 50's where artists hung out south of the Bowery, or went to the Raccoon Bar...that community is gone, and gone with it is a great deal of the high-end art agents. Agents' scope today is to look at graduating MFA work to see what might be collectible, or sellable. It is a commerce way of "seeing art."

At gallerydbs & Woman/ O- we gather artists together to hang in a virtual gallery...albeit we also put receptions together 2-3 times a year in Pennsport, Philadelphia. Gallerydbs artists are singular, and interested in boutique settings. Here, we casually talk to customers to help promote the artist. Our neighbors are our clients, and they are mostly young professionals new to the area.

I suggest you look at our gallery of artists, and schedule time for an up close and personal viewing. It's fun and free!

Always on the outlook for fresh talent, please invite yourself into our community

if you are a woman, or gender trend as one.

Here is a black and white piece represented by gallerydbs & woman/ O:

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