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While visiting Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city full of artists, like NYC used to be, and mural arts. When you visit,

make sure to see the mosaics (murals) and a variety of museums (Philadelphia Art Museum,

Penn University Art Museum, and The Barnes), plus a host of smaller galleries and like us-

boutique galleries. Below is a summary of what to expect:

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and one of the oldest municipalities in the United States. It has long been known for its rich history, deep cultural values, and magnificent art. The latter is represented in Philadelphia in all possible forms and manifestations, making the city so attractive to art connoisseurs from around the world. In this blog post, let’s look closer at the thriving art scene in Philadelphia. ART SCENE IN PHILADELPHIA What attracts the attention first is street art, with roughly 4,000 amazing murals you can find around the city. The next thing to do in Philly is to immerse yourself into the world of art museums and galleries. The most notable ones include the world-known Barnes Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, each featuring a considerable number of paintings and various art objects. Along with visiting museums, it is a must to explore local contemporary art galleries and check out the selection of artworks offered by the auction houses based in Philadelphia. For example, let us recommend Dane Fine Art and Freeman’s. Both of them are the leaders in fine art sales, and both of them offer excellent services. The icing on the cake would be Philadelphia Fine Art Fair, the first edition of which was held in April 2019. The inaugural art fair, which was entirely dedicated to important modern and contemporary art, was a huge success, and it really made history in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Fine Art Fair will return in 2021, bringing to the city some of the most notable galleries and hundreds of contemporary artists, from emerging ones to blue chip masters.

The art scene in Philadelphia is thriving indeed, with something for any taste and preference. If you have never been to this city, then you should definitely do it at your first opportunity.

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